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The White Villages

While staying at Buenavista a fabulous day out is to visit the ‘white villages’ of Pampaneira, Bubion and Capileira. These three villages are situated close to each other and while they are only half an hour’s drive away up the mountain road, they will transport you back in time.

Traditional Alpujarran life

Pampaneira is the first village you will come to and you’ll get your first taste of the traditional Alpujarran way of life. The low-level, whitewashed stone buildings with their distinctive chimneys, contrast with scarlet geraniums and bright jarapa rugs for sale. There are all sorts of interesting shops to browse around for locally made leather goods, ceramics and regional wine.

Bubion and Capileira are a further 10 minutes from Pampaneira and they are just as pretty, each with a 16th century church and flower-filled patios to admire. The mountain views from these villages are absolutely superb and despite being a tourist attraction, the villages continue with their rural ways. You’re bound to hear the tinkling of bells from a flock of goats being herded in the fields below or see an old donkey being led up the cobbled streets.

Local “Jarapas” to warm the tiled floors
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